Music on a Monday — The Cousins CD

I’m in the middle of a really fun music project at the mo.

Last year one of my nieces was away and another niece wanted to send her a CD with some of us singing Christmas songs on it. – so she wouldn’t feel so homesick.
That turned into a Double CD with lots of the family singing Christmas songs with backing tracks, and a bonus track of practiaclly the whole family doing “Do They Know it’s Christmas”

It was hard work but the finished product is brilliant, If I do say so……

Some of the family are experienced GREAT singers, others are singers and others still are… well… not. But this was a free for all.
Anyone who wanted to do a song did one.
It was a whole lot of work but twice that in fun 🙂

This year we’re making another one.
It will just have as many of my 27 nicece and nephews as can/will be on it.
Solo spots are only for the more confident singers and then all 27 (hopeuflly) will feature in some way on the final track ‘We are the World’

I heard some of the stuff that’s already been recorded. From Beatles to Kelly Clarkson to Norman Wisdom — so far the songs are amazing.
Coming up there’s an acoustic version of a Beyonce song and a bit of Randy Crawford too….!

We’ve got some real talent in the family. A few X Factor hopefuls that didn’t get anywhere near as far as they should have. Singers that would knock your socks off and at least one guitar player that, as me da would say, “could make the thing talk””.

But FAR bigger that the talent is the love for music in the family. Which seems to be across the board regardless of the actual abibitly.

My brother Christopher is (as usual) doing all the hard work on this CD project. I’m sure everyone on the ‘Cousins CD’ will agree he’s a legend… in his own music room!

Oh by the way…If you come to one of our family parties you’ll be very welcome, but you better bring a song with you 🙂

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