Now is not the time to break out of the norm and do your own thing Now is not the time to sit around dreaming and hoping Now is not the time to talk about it Now is not the time ok but... Now is not the time to leave the comfy job and follow …

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Heavenly Haiku – Faith, Hope and Love

Faith Faith they say, a gift Believe that you will receive the present you want Hope Is it need or want? Is there any difference? I really hope so Love Unconditional is HIS love for you and me Why not love HIM back

The Half Circle of Life

Round and round it goes. The whirligig of life. No stopping it, impossible to catch There it goes, hatch, match, dispatch. Babby becomes mammy and she becomes granny And around we go again. It’s a wonderful thing. The next generation consoles the loss of the last The sights and sounds of new life ease the …

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A crap poem that turned into a crap prayer

2 people have died Too much sadness 2, or maybe 20 opinions as to why Insults start to fly Hijack the agenda, rant and rave, play the blame game Anger Fury Protest Is it just one more thing to tweet wildly about? Just another stick to beat the right with? Another slur to hurl at …

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