Isaiah in the early 20s

I was all ready to give up by the time I got to Isaiah 24!  It was verse after verse of warnings and terrible prophecy. Egypt (chp 19), Egypt and Cush (chp 20), Babylon (chp 21) , Jerusalem (chp 22) , Tyre (chp 23) , then the whole earth (chp 24) . I should have …

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Godly Gory Stories – Isaiah 14, 15, 16

It took me to chapter 13 to really dig in and commit to seeking God in this Book. I wanted to know how these ancient words could speak in to the things hanging on my heart. So I began to pray about specific issues I'm facing, not having much confidence that there would be any …

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The Isaiah Disclaimer

No, this is not a post about a new Dan Brown novel. Or an episode of The Big Bang Theory! Read the title again -- it totally could be though, right? Anyway, you'll be glad (or disappointed) to know it is just my preamble to sharing my thoughts on my recent studies in the Book …

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