The Isaiah Disclaimer

No, this is not a post about a new Dan Brown novel. Or an episode of The Big Bang Theory!

Read the title again — it totally could be though, right?

Anyway, you’ll be glad (or disappointed) to know it is just my preamble to sharing my thoughts on my recent studies in the Book of Isaiah.

I’ve had messages saying that some of you lovely folk are looking forward to it. That is wonderful, and a bit scary. One of those #nopressure moments!

So I thought I should introduce the series by giving caveat in advance 🙂

I’m no expert in the Book of Isaiah, and though I’ll check my conclusions against commentaries as I go, it’ll be a very personal take on what I’ve read. I’ve been praying about specific things in my readings, and I believe God has spoken through His Word. You may read one of the posts and think “that verse DOESN’T say THAT.” By all means you are free to challenge me and question my ponderings.

But be gentle.

I have a BTh and a Post Grad Dip in Applied Theology, but the more I study, all I know is I know very little.  I have prayed and read, and been blessed. I’m eager to share the blessing.

This blog has been going for about 6 years and as far as I can remember, this is my first efforts towards a series of Bible study posts.  Like I said, I’m all for interactive Bible study, so do chip in 🙂

1st post will be this week. See you then 🙂
A x

5 thoughts on “The Isaiah Disclaimer

  1. It totally should be the title of a novel… let’s write it!

    I have a BA in Education and Theological and Religious Studies (go us!)

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