Saying it out loud!

Last night I was speaking at the Ladies Dessert and Coffee evening in my church.

Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God

There were two of us speaking and my theme was ‘Disappointment and Hope’

I shared the story of how as the baby of 8 children and an aunty to 27 (and a great aunty to 15), how sad it was to find that I could not have children.

I had hoped for a very different outcome in my life. Disappointment doesn’t come near to how it feels.

I talked about the story of the two guys on the Road to Emmaus, walking away from Jerusalam after the death of Jesus and how they ‘had hoped’ for so much more.

They only knew half of the story. The picture is so much bigger. And I take consolation from that.

It was the first time that I had told our story in that sort of setting. It was a bit weird to hear myself say it out loud. And amazing how hard it still is to tell the story.

But even though ‘we had hoped’ for a different story, our hope is in Jesus and I thank Him and praise Him for His extraordinary love and mercy to me… an ordianry woman

3 thoughts on “Saying it out loud!

  1. John Murphy

    Hey Amo! With me being a heathen an all most of yer musings don’t make sense, but the positivity rubs off! Keep it coming!

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