K is for Kingdom Wall

OK I’m going to be brave and share a section of my first real effort at Christian fiction. You’re reading it on some conditions.

  1. Please don’t  go ‘heresy hunting ‘ (to coin Nick Park‘s phrase) – it’s a work in progress.
  2. It needs some major editing – it’s a work in progress
  3. I haven’t decided what to call everyone, the names have been changed. No disrespect intended to any character – it’s a work in progress
  4. Did I mention it’s a work in progress? I’m not even sure it’s a good one.

If you’re happy to read it on that basis, off you go… comments welcome here, on Facebook or Twitter  (be gentle) 🙂


Things had been different for a few days. You could sense a shift in the atmosphere.

When you live in the glorious surroundings I do, you can forget there’s another way to live. Most of my work these days is done here. For years I worked out on the front line, fighting for and protecting His subjects. Now others do it and I am more in an advisory capacity. But today everyone is at the wall.

Twice in recent days a legion was sent in response to the needs #2. This morning we were all called into full service ordered to be at Kingdom Wall. Kingdom Wall is not the end of the domain, there is no actual end to it; the wall marks the border of this realm.

This place has never been so quiet. We do not know what is about to happen, yet we know what is happening. I know that is a contradiction and may not make sense to you, but we have a different way of thinking to you. We have insight into the two realms at once – it means we know more but we don’t know all.

As I made my way to Kingdom Wall, I saw the returning legion who had been sent to the aid of #2. The ones sent for those jobs are a specially trained battalion, ready for whatever is needed, and don’t tire easily. They looked exhausted. No, they looked empty; as if they had given all that they had, but knew it would never be enough.

I got to my post and joined the line. As far as I could see, and I can see very far, regiments were lined up on the wall, all looking at the other realm. The feeling of intense pressure was on all of us as we watched the scene unfold. The ones who had just returned were being refreshed and had been given a fleeting time of leave. I was nervous that they weren’t there. They would be needed and I and many others would feel a lot better with them standing in the gap.

It is not easy, but let me try to explain the type of awareness I have.
You see one realm and may have some insight and connection with this realm – I don’t know you, so I’m not sure. I see two realms at once. I’m not aware of everything at all times. That is His remit. But I can be given full awareness if needed. I know what is being done and what the plan is. However, I don’t know all His thoughts and ways, and so my knowledge though full, is limited. I told you it was hard to explain. The reason I even bother to try is I want you to understand why what happened was so painful.

Sometimes I see across vast lands but where I was standing at Kingdom Wall, I could only see a small area where #2 was posted. I almost missed him. The light that surrounds him down there was blurred by enemy fire. But there he was – standing in what looked like an outdoor trial. There was no justice, no peace, no fairness. These are thing that, if present, I can see. They were not present.

There was screaming and shouting in both realms, so much so that it was hard to distinguish one realm from the other. For some time, we’d been having trouble communicating with certain ambassadors working on the ground. Now they were in complete rebellion – shouting the loudest for #2’s execution.

Have you ever loved? Have you ever seen the one you love be hurt? Do you know what it’s like to have the power to stop that hurt? And not be permitted to? I hope not.

I and my legion watched as they brought the lash down upon him. I looked at the gap in the line and winced as the stripes appeared on his back. Had you been here you’d have seen it, heard it, maybe even felt it. But I could see both realms and I could see the motive and attitude of those doing the beating. In fact, all those who called for the beating to be done also held whips that could only be see in our realm.

In the middle of it all, the beating, the blood, the crack of the whip, the sound of the cries of #2, I saw him. The Liar. Just for a split second – he joined the crown. He had the biggest whip of all. He was happier than I’d ever seen him. He was too close. It unnerved us all. We’d all seen him. I took a step forward in readiness. The gap in the line still gaping like the wounds being inflicted.

I checked to make sure what I already knew, #1 was in His place.

I looked back and saw #2 climb the hill – carrying his burden. It was all happening as He said it would, as we knew it would, yet I was ready to stop it.

I have witnessed many things in my existence. Horrific acts of violence, miraculous moments of love, and everything in between. I will never forget the sight and sound of the nails being driven into his hands. His cries were like that of every being that we had ever tried to protect, all resounding in one voice. At the sound of it, we instantly took aim without being ordered too. Some legions got into position to move. I looked up at #1, ready for an order that I knew was not coming.

The elite legion, anxious to be deployed, were held back by their obedience. There was confusion among us as another nail went in. Some behind me, younger less prepared maybe, were pushing forwards, wondering why we had not moved. They knew that no order had come, maybe they hoped that they’d missed something.

BANG!       BANG!

Another nail and another cry. I confess I got angry. This was beyond anything #2 had ever been asked to endure. Legions had been sent to protect him before, why not now?

I looked up again and a captain was on his knees in front of  #1, begging to be let go forward.

As the cross was lifted, you could see the pain as the weight of #2’s body pulled on the nails. I had watched that body grow from conception. We marvelled how he lived in the impure realm and remained pure. Now he was filthy with the debts of everyone piled upon him.  We watched, we waited. I’d never been helpless or useless before that day.

A cold shadow fell on us. I thought the arch-enemy had tried to pay us a visit, he loved a good snigger and scorn when it looked like things were going his way; today it looked like it – but it was not him.

All this time #1 had been looking at #2. His sovereign gaze had never shifted. The slight chill of the shadow made us jump a little. I looked to #1 as the shadow of his turning presence fell across both realms. It was the first time I saw him turn away from #2, who was obvious pain. Excruciating, life-sucking pain, but when the gaze of Him moved away, #2’s face changed from a man in pain to a man encompassed in devastating despair and horror. The grief in his eyes at the knowledge that he was no longer in the protection of #1. I can’t even describe it.

He cried out and asked the question that we were all asking. Why, have you forsaken me?

At that question, one of the legion broke through the barrier. He didn’t make it very far. Tripped up by his own disobedience, he fell weeping at the foot of Kingdom Wall. It is said that he will never be the same, until all is reconciled…

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