L is for Leviathan with a Fish-hook

I’d like to mention another work from a fellow member of the Association of Christian WritersLeviathan with a Fish-hook, by S L Russell.  I’m afraid I haven’t read it yet, but it has been added to my Christian Fiction TBR pile. It’s part 1 of a trilogy and has had great reviews.

One of the things that comes across in reading the feedback, is that Russell has mastered the combination really great writing with a realistic Christian storyline.
It’s hard to get that right!

Here’ the blurb…

When Eileen meets Christopher, a young man with a mental illness living rough in the woods near her home, her quiet life is shaken.

Eileen is a Christian trying to live by her faith. Tentatively she befriends Christopher and gains his trust, but as his story unfolds she finds herself increasingly drawn into his life of fearful visions and spiritual turmoil.

A the tension mounts it is not only Christopher’s monsters Eileen must face, but her own. Can she handle what she has let loose?

Challenging and compelling, Leviathan with a Fish-hook will keep you hooked to the last page… and beyond.

If you’ve read it, please let me know. If you haven’t, you can try a chapter and find out about her other books by clicking here 🙂

3 thoughts on “L is for Leviathan with a Fish-hook

  1. I’ve read it. Sue is a fabulous writer: absolutely one of the best. I’ve read the whole series. It is hard to find an excellent literary writer who writes good christian novels. Her characters are real and lovable , her stories are page turners and she writes with wisdom and discernment about the ways of God with his children so you may find them a help to spiritual growth 🙂 No she hasn’t paid me to say any of this lol

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