Music on a Monday – when a song tells you how you’re feeling

I had just taken my seat in the second row, for the Now & Then Production Company's performance of Jesus Christ Superstar (JCS) and I was already battling tears. It was a combination of things; but mainly it was because almost exactly 1 month before, I'd sat in the same spot for my dad's funeral. The …

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10 Day You Challenge, Day 9 – 2 Songs

Day 9 of the '10 Day You Challenge' Today - 2 songs... only TWO?! Why not 10 songs instead of 10 Secrets eh? That would have been a lot easier (and less embarrassing) - anyway... Picking 2 songs is nigh-on impossible so I'm going to pick the two most played on my ipod in the …

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Please Support – Eurovision Handbook in aid of Irish Cancer Society

For Eurovision fans everywhere… the ultimate handbook and all for a great cause – The Irish Cancer Society 🙂

Johnny Fallon

As someone who likes traditions and loves voting its no surprise that Im a huge Eurovision fan. This year, I have been lucky enough to team up with Adrian Kavanagh in order to produce ‘The 2013 Eurovision Handbook’. As many of you will know Adrian is one of the best statistical minds there is and his research on Eurovision is just amazing stuff. We decided that, whether you are a fan or not, the Eurovision contains a lot of interesting vote patterns, stories and fun.

Putting all this together we hope to give you a new way of looking at the contest and raise so money for the Irish Cancer Society while we are at it. All royalties from this book will be donated and we will not be taking any cut from it.

This handbook gives you a run down on each country and its record in the competition…

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Always the Mr. Miyagi, never the Karate Kid

I remember sitting with one of my big brothers, patiently showing him how to play the D chord on his guitar. I thought it was great he wanted to learn and I was happy to help. I remember him playing his first few songs at a party and how chuffed I was to think that …

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My Songwriting Career starts here (or not…)

After the success of my hit single "Is that what it's all about?" The Twoky Kokey I've been commissioned to write a song for a Twitter budso @johnmurphy51 to the tune of 'My Lovely Horse. (If you're not familiar with this 'Fr. Ted' hit just click here to see the youtube clip) Have you got …

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As promised, a song for ALL my Twitter followers :)

As promised, in celebration of reaching more than 1000 followers on Twitter I have written a song for you all 🙂 I've mentioned a few tweeps and would love to have been able to crowbar a few more of you in, but really there aren't many Twitter names that rhyme with other Twitter names - …

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