Music on a Monday – when a song tells you how you’re feeling

I had just taken my seat in the second row, for the Now & Then Production Company‘s performance of Jesus Christ Superstar (JCS) and I was already battling tears. It was a combination of things; but mainly it was because almost exactly 1 month before, I’d sat in the same spot for my dad’s funeral. The venue was St. Mary’s Priory in Tallaght. Also my nephew was playing Jesus in the show and I knew from what I’d heard that (as usual) his performance would blow me away.

If you’re a regular reader here then you’ll know that 2014 has been hard and I’m slowing getting back to full strength. Tomorrow my friend who died January, would have been celebrating a big birthday. We talked about the shindig he didn’t want to have but that he’d probably have anyway. I promised that even though I couldn’t make the last celebration, I’d definitely be at the next!

You just never know, do you?!

Anyway, second row, JCS, neff on stage, me on the brink…
The show was great. A modern take on the direction and costumes etc. Fab cast and orchestra. And I actually forget for a minute that I was in the church and was engrossed in the performance.
I have to be honest, JCS isn’t my fave – mainly cos it doesn’t make any mention of the resurrection. Jesus is taken down from the cross and that’s pretty much it. But it was a great production.

christopher jcs
My nephew Christopher Keeley playing Jesus in JCS April 2014. Photo from

We get to the scene where Jesus is in the Garden of Gethsemane. He’s praying and crying out to God. He sings… “I’m not as sure as when we started. Then I was inspired, now I’m sad and tired.”

The damn burst.

It was like the whole of the last few months had been summed up in that one line. Maybe even more than months. I was talking the other day to a friend about how excited and enthusiastic I used to be. But now… I’m sad and tired.

The good news is that I’m not as sad and tired as I felt that night at the show. But I’ve a long way to go. That night, that song, confirmed how I was feeling.

We’re a long way from Pharrell Williams, but if you know me, you know that I’ll tell you if I get there 🙂

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