So, tell me about your church

vox on the roadI’ve just come back from showing Ruth Garvey Williams, editor of VOX Magazine, around our church. She is on VOX’s 2nd annual #findingfaith tour of Ireland and has come from Kilkenny and Tipperary today and is heading to Lucan and then to Drogheda tomorrow. Ruth wanted to know about the history of the church and the area; what we do and what we hope to do.

I’m not discouraged by church life at the moment. I love my fellowship and love living in this part of the world. But to show someone around, with fresh eyes and talk about activities and people and how busy and loud (in a good way) Sundays can be – well it was really encouraging. More than that – uplifting 🙂

BrannockstownbaptistSometimes I can be a bit… head down, rotas, what am I doing next Sunday?, have I sorted the FB page, what was agreed at the meeting?, I need to update the site etc. It was so lovely to lift my head and remember how faithful God is to our church. How lovely the people are and how busy Sunday School can be. I showed Ruth around the two church halls we have, as well as our main building. The great facilities that are being used, maybe not to their full potential yet, but full of potential.

Buildings I know so well – I saw again for the firs time; and I drove away remembering again why I love being there so much. My church is Brannockstown Baptist Church by the way 🙂

You can follow the tour on Twitter, following #findingfaith or for more info and photos, pop over to the blog.

And I’d love to hear from you!
If you go to church, I’d love you to tell me about it. I hope that if you even just share a few sentences, you’ll be encouraged.

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