I need help!

I’m a bit down in the dumps at the mo.

I have gloomy seasons, no particular reason springs to mind for this one. Post Christmas blues maybe? Lots of my fam are on holiday together for my nephew’s wedding – well jel. And I’ve put on a bit of poundage.  arrgghhhh

I’ve lost focus since I’ve had to go dairy free. It’s hard be low carb and dairy free at the same time. And the Christmas fayre didn’t help. It’s cold and damp and as usual when I’m feeling like this, all I want to do is eat. And it’s hard not to.

Today a reminder popped up on my phone saying,

“It’s your My Fitness Pal anniversary – how are you doing?”

I have a vague memory of putting that in, but I forgot all about it.

It is actually 7 years to the day, since I signed up for the MFP app. For the first few years I didn’t make much of a dent in my weight. It’s only a couple of years ago that it changed, but look at my first entry…

Do not adjust your set! Those numbers are real. I am more than 5 stone lighter than that number today. And though I can’t seem to push very far past that 5 stone wall, I DO NOT want to return to those numbers.

I know I blogged about this recently. So some of you may be thinking, “this again? ” You bet this again! Cos if not, it’ll be her on the left again. And I made a promise to myself – always talk about it. This will never be an embargoed subject again!

So hit me up with some inspiration. Pray for me, give me a chuck on the shoulder or a smack on the head. Anything you think might help me out of the doldrums? A x

15 thoughts on “I need help!

  1. sandrasteele95@gmail.com

    I will pray for you! It’s probably as you said a combination of things…. Christmas blues, family. As you wisely pointed out. Never stop talking about your experience with weight. It encourages and blessed others that struggle also. ‘ Carry each others burdens, and…you will fulfill the law of Christ’ Gal 6:2. Thank you for your honesty…. Much love and prayers in Christ. Sandra Steele.

  2. Wow, AnnMarie, you are amazing! Yes, to have got yourself healthier, but also to talk about this. To say, hey, this is hard, help me out. Almost no-one does this. ESPECIALLY Christians. Because we are meant to be all happy clappy dappy, right? We have it so altogether. So I am giving you a massive pat on the back for being real, for saying, yes this again, because some things we carry with us all the time, and it’s hard. Good on you. Going to say a prayer for you right now. Blessings, Keren x

  3. Phil

    You were missed this week in Mexico Amo. Your message was lovely and Appreciated.
    You were always someone worthy of being proud of. Before and after your weight loss. But that journey has only added to the list of things you are a great example of. Keep it up.
    Im not great at the praying business. But you are in our hearts
    The nef that got married.

  4. Freddie Whincup

    Hi Anne-Marie, I’ve just opened your email today and because I have experienced many down times coming on as you say without notice I thought I would respond. How are things going today? Please let me know. In the meantime I’ll have a little ramble and pray for you at the same time to see if that lifts your mood. I’m sitting in the dining room of the Vicarage in Pill, Newport, looking through the patio doors to the back garden, this is the best spot in the house for bird watching. We provide a lot of food for them and our reward is not only the quantity of birds but the variety. We have lots of LBJ’s, little brown jobs ☺, starlings, blue tits, great tits, blackbirds, robins, seagulls, jackdaws, magpies, pidgeons, collared doves, and even a woodpecker who visits us regularly. One morning I came down to the kitchen to see a bird of prey (think it was a sparrowhawk) on top of a pidgeon, claws in and intent on his breakfast – that wasn’t a good start for me, but that’s nature in action.  Today is one of the more rare days when there’s nothing urgent that needs to be attended to.. oh having said that I’ve just remembered that I need to produce the Pew Sheets for Sunday morning’s Service.. oh well bubble burst. Oh yes and the washing hasn’t been taken out of the machine and sorted.. and that bit of sewing I started yestrday needs to be finished. That’s enough jobs for now. Sending you loads of love,Little Freddie xxx

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  5. Only just read your blog, so sorry I am late. Well done you, that’s an amazing achievement and such an encouragement to me. I hope you’re doing better now? Tracy xx

  6. Hi, I hope you are feeling better now. I can feel you, because low days can come quite independent of weather or season, some sunny days seem to mock our low spirits, but, don´t lose faith, little by little things tend to feel better.
    I`ve been in that emotional roller coaster linked to food. It´s almost unbelievable how addicted we can become to carbs and sugary stuff, don´t feel bad about speaking up, those who can relate to it will understand you. By the way I started as a MFP enthusiast too, counting calories and weighing everything in my plate, 3 tomato slices, 4tbsp cottage cheese… no eed to say why I deleted it.
    I´ve seen you´ll be doing AtoZ and planning to write a bit about your experiences during the month, I´m looking forward to following your posts.
    See you around. Hugs. Hannie.

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  8. Hi Amo, well done on asking for help. It’s not easy to do so I’m glad you have. You’ve inspired me twice recently through your ACW blog. First to do the A-Z challenge and secondly, to do the NaPoWriMo, both are unfortunately in April, but hey. Here’s to you being out of the blues soon. Have you ever taking part in your local park run? It’s not easy but it is incredibly supportive and could be another piece of armour as you work to be a healthier you. Please take a moment to check it out, you will not regret it! Blessings, Martin, a brother in Christ and fellow ACW member.

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