The A to Z of the Pastor’s Wife – J is for Jazz-hands

JJ is for Jazz-hands

I’m a bit of a performer, I won’t deny it. I come from a family of entertainers. We were raised to sing and have fun together. I know I’m able to make people laugh – whether it’s with me or at me is another thing. 🙂

Being ‘up the front’ in a room full of people does not phase me at all. Even if I hadn’t got a speech prepared, I could still stand up there and make an impression. I get it from my Dad; he was at home on the stage.

Being the Pastor’s wife is an ‘up the front’ role. One of the things I’m pondering is, do I move into ‘entertainer’ mode every time I’m in a room full of people? I know that I do it to some degree, I always have a story to tell. But it’s not my job to entertain. So I’m just wondering if, in the church, I should try to turn that off – or even down a bit.

Problem is, I don’t know if I can. I’ve never been one for sitting on my hands – it’s even harder to do when they are the jazz variety. I’m not even sure that I have to – I’m still working this one out.

Any thoughts?

4 thoughts on “The A to Z of the Pastor’s Wife – J is for Jazz-hands

  1. gigglingfattie

    For me personally, I like a pastor’s wife who can take the spotlight as well as her husband. I feel like they should be matched equally in there personalities like that. That being said, I also like a pastor who likes the spotlight – someone engaging and energetic. Who likes to go to all the church events and have fun. I’ve had a few pastor’s in the past who weren’t so engaged with the congregation and their wives were just that lady in the pretty dress in the front row. I found the wives to feel almost dominated by their partner and their husbands turned out to be the few pastors that have forced me to walk away from a church.

    I wouldn’t say that’s the case all the time. But in my limited experience it has been. It doesn’t mean that you have to “be on” all the time, but for me, it shows a deeper connection to the church and its people when the pastor and his wife (or her husband) are captivating and engaged with their church 🙂

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