The A to Z of the Pastor’s Wife – I is for Intercession

II is for Intercession

Interceding is a particular type of prayer. says it is “a prayer to God on behalf of another.”

I know I need to pray for myself, but I’ve found more and more that my prayers are moving outward.
And NO, do not say “well done” or give me a slap on the back! It should have happened years ago!

I’ve had to get organised with prayer as the list got very long, very quick. I am stunned at how much more satisfying it is to concentrate on praying for others. I’ve always done it to some degree, but the focus was mostly on my situation and sadness. That has changed now. It had to.

Of course, when I stopped concentrating on praying for myself an amazing thing happened. I’m constantly being prayed for!

Now I know this has long been the case. If you’re reading this and have been praying for me, don’t think I’m only noticing now. I know I’ve been surrounded by prayers by many people for many years. But I get a lot of prayer while I’m ‘in the room’ now.

Actually when I first noticed it, I was embarrassed, I felt bad; selfish in a way. I said that to himself and he reminded me how much we need those prayers. They are part of the expression of love that is shown to us. No matter how long the prayer list, how bad some of the situations, we are never left out.

I’m so grateful for those prayers and I hope they never stop. God (literally) knows I needs them! 🙂

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