Girls, repeat after me….

I must use anti-aging cream
I must use anti-aging cream
I must use…

I’m about to finish Year 1 of the decade where life begins. It turns out that Dolly Parton was right when she said in the classic film Steel Magnolias, “Time marches on and soon you realise that it’s marching right across your face”

I’ll be only booooshiful!

Thankfully I did start to make a vague effort to look after my skin about 5 years ago.
Someone bought me some posh moisturiser!
I know… swish! I got a bit snobby about it and decided not to use anything else if I could help it. This is achieved mainly by dropping hints to some of the family at Christmas and birthdays.
Most of the time it pays off.

I don’t have a problem with being 40. Well ok, I do have one… I don’t feel 40! I don’t think I look 40 either. But then what does 40 look like?

I suppose if you’re rich and famous and can hire someone to put your washing in the machine and someone else to take it out – the stresses and strains of life may not show themselves as they might on those of us who have to do those and a million other things ourselves. And people who have ‘staff’ usually have them in other areas of life. Not least in the makeup and hair dept.

I’d be happy if I could afford to hire someone to search my bed for the scrunchie each morning!

The anti-aging cream purchase is precarious, and not just when buying it for yourself. When buying it for others you have to be careful. Too young and they’re offended. To old and you get it back yourself for your birthday – and now you have it, with two reasons to offended!

Wrinkles are only the start of it. My face may or may not be showing the years but the rest of me is definitely feeling them. I’ve got a jippy hip, dodgy eyes and my knees are none too steady either! And let’s not even talk about the generousity of my proportions.

BUT… there is hope! 😀 I believe what Paul says in 1Corinthians 15 that when I get to Heaven, I’ll get a brand new body! I’m hoping I get to choose my own. Maybe there’ll be a showroom…

I'd prefer a chocolate one...
I’d prefer a chocolate one…

One way or another while we’re on this earth, if we don’t want to end up with the complexion of a digestive biscuit we really should try to look after our skin.

Obviously it’s up to you. But I’m nearly sure that in beauty school they’ll tell you….

The punishment for not using anti-aging cream
is usually… 100 lines!   😦

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