Starting the 10 Day You Challenge with ’10 Secrets’

So I thought I’d do the ’10 Day You Challenge’ as it seemed like a cutsie thing to do and you know me… I’m all about the cute
*coughs and searches frantically for a picture of a kitten… nope – not one!*

10-days-you-challenge2 copy

But seriously… 10 secrets? I don’t even know if I HAVE 10 secrets. OK I definitely have… more than… but not ones I can put on the world-wide web! Anyway, secrets are meant to be kept aren’t they? I mean if I tell you, then they’re not secret anymore…

My only comfort is that there are no secrets from God – he already knows this stuff 😉

1. Dancing
When I’m alone in the house I often put loud mad music on and dance around. I close the curtains of what ever room I am in – only then can I dance like there’s no one watching;
cos I’ve made sure there’s no one watching!

2. Lip Syncing
Years ago I was in a musical and one of the characters lost her voice on opening night – so I stood in the wings with a radio mic and sang her song – watching her carefully to make it look real. As Michael Caine would say…. not a lotta people know that!

3. Bold Baby sister
My brother was very annoying, so I used to go into his room and hide stuff, move stuff, break stuff  & my ‘pièce de résistance’…I used to turn his radio on but have the volume at zero so the batteries would waste and he wouldn’t know

4. Confession Time
Once I went in the wrong door of a confessional, then someone came in the right door and for a minute I pretended to be the priest, then I ran out the door and out of the church before I could get caught

5. Miss Nomer
My sister-in-law and I share the same name (well we did before I was married). I went for an interview once and half way through the guy let slip that he knew my brother and thought I was his wife… so I kept schtum. (I didn’t get it btw)

6. A third blog
For a good while I had a third blog under a pseudonym. I did it to give me the courage to say all the things that I didn’t have the courage to say here. Also to let me write without the pressure of certain people’s opinions rolling around my head – which were paralysing my writing. When my confidence grew, I slowly retreated from that blog and eventually shut it down.

7. Hiding
I once hid in a walk-in fridge to avoid an over-enthusiastic American missionary who wanted to pray with me

8. Biblical fail
In my 19 years of being a Bible-believing Christian, I have never read the Bible start to finish. I’ve read it all in fits and starts over the years, but I have never successfully completed a Bible reading plan

9. Jail bird
I have a real & terrible albeit irrational  (I hope) fear of false imprisonment – probably brought on by years of watching Prisoner Cell Block H and visiting an ex in prison. I can’t watch stuff about prisons now, never saw Shawshank and probably never will.

10. The biggest secret of all…
One of these isn’t true – it could even be this one!
I’m not telling you which one… it’s a secret :p

Psalm 44:21b …he knows the secrets of the heart

Photo credit: The image above doesn’t seem to come from any central website but can be found on many that have done the challenge. Many use it but there does not seem to be any original source info available

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