Always the Mr. Miyagi, never the Karate Kid

I remember sitting with one of my big brothers, patiently showing him how to play the D chord on his guitar. I thought it was great he wanted to learn and I was happy to help.

I remember him playing his first few songs at a party and how chuffed I was to think that I’d got him that far. I was quite proud of our achievement

I remember the day he came and asked me to help him understand the theory of the chords he was playing. I was relieved I had grade 5 theory & could help.

I remember the day he asked to show him proper tabs as he’d been messing around with  them but knew he wasn’t doing them properly. I looked at him blankly.

And I remember the day he sat with his little sister, patiently showing me how to play the pentatonic scale of D on my guitar. I still haven’t got the hang on it…

I have my mosh moments :)
I have my mosh moments 🙂

I often wonder how that happened. My student went whizzing passed me down Clapton Lane before I’d even realised he was any good!

We’re both guitar teachers nowadays but he’s a real one. He teaches ‘technique’, whereas I teach chords. I got a bit frustrated about it a few years ago but I managed to get over myself and cop on 😀

BUT… it’s happened again!



One of my Twitter buddies asked in passing one day whether it might be a good idea to start a blog. Her son is autistic and has an amazing awareness of who he is and a great ability to communicate it. She thought it might help and encourage others is a similar situation.

I thought it was a great idea and went through some of the mechanics of it and shared some of my sage-like wisdom

Suffice to say that she and her son are gonna be rock stars! She went on to start a second blog about some health issues she’s been having and both blogs have been ‘spotted’ by mainstream media.

I’m 5 years at this. FIVE YEARS. And not a sniff! Not that I expected to get one actually. But that’s not the point!!!


Actually I’m not ‘harrumphing’. Well… maybe just a little bit… 😉 but I am absolutely delighted that the blogs have done so well. Her son’s posts are fantastic and I reckon they have the potential to make a huge impact on the awareness and understanding of autism.

And as for mum…. well for a woman I’ve never met face to face (only on Twitter and Skype) I do actually love her to bits and admire her a great deal.

And I bet you will too.

Take a look at autisticandproud and atleastIhaveabrain Two fantastic blogs!

I’m happy to once again be Mr. Myiagi to The Karate Kid, but before you all wax off over to her blogs, don’t forget to wax back on over here will ya! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Always the Mr. Miyagi, never the Karate Kid

  1. well you are totally a sage!
    and my son would NEVER have had anything like the experience he is having now. and he has a lot to offer the aspergers world.
    I on the other hand, am just a blether…i cant write so i talk it onto the page. But i have to admit i kinda love it.
    But YOU are a proper writer Missie!
    you write real things…i do the rant 🙂
    and as far as karate kid…i presume you meant Fionn, as i would be in traction, if i attempted to left a leg like that!

    And i have to say you ARE a friend…in twitter you can gravitate towards people you like and i KNOW we will always get on!.
    Love you to bits too Amo!

    now, do i need my roots done, for tele?

  2. Reblogged this on at least i have a brain and commented:
    my blogging guru, advisor, and desiger…oh and proof reader, and she who made me try “the next Big Thing”……and a real writer…
    my Friend AnnMarie.
    and i don’t know WHO she is giving out about….
    who could she mean?
    Hx 🙂

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