Music on a Monday – You’re always welcome to stick your nose in our business

It’s a while since I did MoaM! So I thought I’d use the opportunity to revive it with a shameless plug for our little business – Miles Music

Towards the end of the year Miles Music will celebrate its 5th birthday. Rich and I discussed it for a long time; but while he thought we were still thinking about it, I was preparing a surprise for him. I had one of my neffs (who worked for design a logo. Good friends in were putting together a website based on concept by Jenny Steele (moochu Designs).

I got an email address sorted, business cards and headed paper printed. I gave the email address to some friends asking them to email him to wish Rich well and then… SURPRIIIIIISE….. early Christmas present 🙂

We’ll never be millionaires from it, but it has been enjoyable and very interesting. Rich does most of the teaching but over the years we’ve sat with a number of couples preparing to get married, talking though their wedding music. I’ve been singing at weddings for a long time and have had some… interesting requests over the years….

‘Help me make it through the night’ – this was thankfully taken off the list by the discerning priest before I had to refuse to sing it
‘Young Hearts Run Free’ – the groom thought it would be hilarious; the bride didn’t!
and my favourite…
‘Harvest for the World’ – eh… why?

Anyway… things have gone a bit quiet of late and now that lessons are finishing up for the summer we’re usually preparing for the wedding bookings we have! I’ve looked online and were certainly not pricing ourselves out of the market but bookings are slow to come in this year.

So do us a favour will ya? Like our page on FB, follow us on Twitter and keep us in mind if you hear of anyone in the island of Ireland looking for music for their wedding service. Thanks a mil 🙂

I’ll leave you with this story that is said by some to be true and said by others to be apocrypha… who knows… but I hope it’s true 😀

A couple met with a wedding singer and went though their list for the service. The singer said to the bride… “Your most important choice is the music you walk up the aisle to.” Without hesitation the bride said… “I want the theme to Robin Hood!”
The Bryan Adams song, “Everything I do, I do for you” had been the first song her and her intended had danced to, the night they met.
So off the wedding singer went with his list.
On the day of the wedding the bride was there in here finery and as she took her father’s arm, someone gave the nod to the wedding singer. She walked through the doors of the church and as she did, could hear the wedding singer launch into…
“Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen… Robin Hood Robin Hood with his merry men……”

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