My Songwriting Career starts here (or not…)

After the success of my hit single “Is that what it’s all about?” The Twoky Kokey I’ve been commissioned to write a song for a Twitter budso @johnmurphy51 to the tune of ‘My Lovely Horse. (If you’re not familiar with this ‘Fr. Ted’ hit just click here to see the youtube clip)
Have you got the tune in your head now? Ok then… here we go!

(oh lovely lovely lovely John)

Oh lovely John
One of Twitter’s gems
Why are you tweetin’ when you should be meetin’ lovely girls?
I want to take you to a singles bar, or maybe to a teadance
Set you up with a nice cailín, & sort you out with some romance

(oh lovely lovely lovely John)

Oh lovely John
Your opinions are strong
Running the country would be easy for you, cos you’re sure you are right….
Even though you’re not ‘Right’…!

*Saxophone Solo
Well nearly always right!

Actually… we’ll have to lose that Sax solo

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