J is for Jesus

I wouldn’t dare. Not in a million. I wouldn’t have the audacity… the temerity… the impudence… to write Christian fiction about Jesus. However, a favourite joyous read of mine is that very thing. A delightful little fable about what might happen if Jesus was to pay us a visit.

Written by Adrian Plass and illustrated by Ben Ecclestone, The Visit tells the story of an enthusiastic church member who we’ll all recognise (cos we all know them, or we are them). He is charged with meeting and greeting a special visitor and prepping Him for a church event. Problem is, the visitor doesn’t want to do things the tidy church way. He is more concerned with what is going on in the streets and the people on the streets, than in the church building. This is very frustrating for the our poor church friend we know and love, cos they need to get this guy to the special church event.

Who can really say if Plass described Jesus perfectly? I reckon he did a good job. I’m certain though, he described me to a t! I laughed as I saw myself in the character so busy getting the visitor to do church, instead of being Christ.

Christian fiction about Christ.
It can be done, and well 🙂

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