Music on a Monday – I am a dancer (well in my heart anyway)

You know those questions… “Tell us one thing about you that no one else would know”
Well my thing would be that I love to dance.

Now if you’ve seen me lately, you’ll know i’m not the most delicate of creatures but that rarely stops me 🙂

There is definitely a dancer inside me. (in fact there’s room for a couple of them.) I can’t help it.

I’ve even done… wait for it…. The Hannah Montana Hoedown Throwdown.

A couple of years ago a gang of family were going to Boston for a family wedding. We decided that all the girls would learn the dance for the reception.
Got a REAL dancer to teach us the moves.

And at the wedding reception we all got up and went for it.

I was good, I felt good, I knew the moves, I did the moves, I looked ridiculous.

Looks likes the inner dancer is staying where she is… 😦

Yes, there are photos and no, you can’t see them.

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