Walking off the worry

I’ve had a very unnerving few weeks.

That sounds so much better than, “I’ve been worried sick for the past few weeks.” We’re told so often in the Bible not to worry. I think it might the hardest command to follow.

I had a couple of hospital appointments for tests that were potentially series but ‘just precautionary’. When they were scheduled I was actually fine about them, but too much time can play with the mind. As the days passed I got more anxious (another word for worrying) and struggled to stay calm.

I drove myself to the first one. It was early, so there was very little traffic about. I had left myself plenty of time to park in a multi story and walk the half a mile to the hospital. As I drove, I asked God for a clean bill of health. I’d already spent a several years attending that hospital some time ago. I didn’t want to be a regular there again.

I know the carpark well and its name, but I wasn’t thinking about it. I parked up and walk down the road; the road shares the same name as the carpark.

I continued in my prayers and, as panic set in, my prayers became frantic – a series of what, why and where questions. I took a few deep breaths and calmed down a bit. The calm prayers returned. “As long as I’m on your path for me Lord, I am fine. Help me know that whatever happens, this is part of our journey together.”

And there is was on a street sign ahead of me, the name of the carpark and the very road I was walking along.


I was on Kingsway.

I must have driven down that road a thousand times and parked there almost as many. I’d never seen it before.

My steps were more confident from then on. What ever was ahead, He was with me. He answered my worrying (there, I said it), with a small gift; a reminder that the road I’m on in life is the King’s way; come what may.

I thank God that the results I received over the next couple of days were all negative. But in that moment of uncertainty I was being held and held up. Walking in the Kings way, with the King Himself.

If you ask me, it’s the only way to travel.

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