Music on a Monday — This blog??? oohhhh… about Seventeen Seconds!

I bought Seventeen Seconds by the The Cure again. I couldn’t help myself.

A few months ago I had the immense priv of meeting a band member from those days. The splendid Matthieu Hartley (keyboard player on SS). Standing outside the Bad Ass Café (where once I had hung out, mohican, doc boots, white face and all), I was v nervous waiting for him to arrive. But Matt (I can call him Matt you know) and his lovely wife and two of his mates (I’ve met his wife and two of his mates you know) were really great! They didn’t mind the weird stalker type person who just wanted to sit near a bit of Cure history 🙂

Seventeen Seconds was an important buy the first time around. I was into The Cure from just after Love Cats but EVERYONE loved The Cure after Love Cats. But to prove yourself as a real fan you had to go back! So I bought Seventeen Seconds and learned every word off by heart. Then I learned the words of 10:15 on a Saturday Night. Cos as a Cure fan you had to know the B Sides as well.

It’s the music of my formative years. We were never happier than when we were depressed listening to the Cure 🙂 I had lots of younger nieces and nephews and was the ‘cool’ aunty. But I didn’t want to be cool. I just wanted to be Robert Smith!

I look back on those days and remember loving my identity. And to this day regret giving it up for a guy who didn’t like girls with mohicans! Inside I’m still a Curehead really!

btw Mattieu Hartley music is still great! His band Icicle Thieves are playing in the Albert in Brighton this coming Friday.

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