An old blog of mine…. on social networking

Get out of my FACEbook!

This is a new site I’m thinking of developing for people who want to join social network sites but don’t want anyone to view their profile, don’t want to be invited to join an group and certainly DON’T want anyone to request their friendship!!

It is inspired by a friend of mine who is new to FB and VERY suspicious of it. He’s quite wary that now he is on there, people might find him.

There was the shocking moment when he realised that when he wrote on his friend’s wall other people could see it!!! The post went something like… “Wow Pete, haven’t seen you in ages. How are you doing?”

Now I know that the guys from Spooks would have that deciphered in a second and would know that this guy is obviously subversive and a danger to society and scoop him up, hiding him in a Safe House in Bethnal Green; never to be seen again. But to most of us FB users it’s probably fairly harmless and won’t damage the UN peace agreement s just yet if someone spots it. . .

Some words of advice for those nervous about social networking sites. Don’t take them too seriously guys. Don’t dwell too much on it. Be sensible, be friendly and for goodness sake if you’re going to add your credit card number will you PLEASE remember the last 3 digits on the back!!!

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