Music on a Monday — Zschech it out!

 (I know… I know…the title only works if Darlene’s surname is actually prounounced Check…)
I thought maybe on Monday’s I’d waffle about music. Some church, some not! Maybe comment on how the previouse days songs had affected me… or not….I WAS wondering if I’d have anything to say (quite likely most of the time….)
But tis a feast today….
I was going to talk about our church’s live Radio broadcast on RTE 1 LW and online yesterday morning.
But then the news came to me that Darlene Unprouncable is leaving Hillsongs to take up a joint pastorate with her husband in a Pente church in Sydney.
It brought back a flood of memories. ‘Shout to the Lord’ was in the 90s and some of the Noughties what In Christ Alone  became in the rest of the Noughties and continues in to the…. Tennies???
We sang ‘Shout to the Lord’ was at every wedding I went to , including my own. We sang it most sunday mornings. at every Bible college chapel service and evertwhere else.
It blew other emotive worship songs out of the water for me. And (when playing it in G) that F chord came in it just lifted the whole song. Then a key chnge in the MIDDLE of the chorus. What an effect it had on the mood of the song.
it was as if we couldn’t hang on til the end of the chorus to go up a key. 
We’re worship leaders and WE CAN’T WAIT TO MODULATE!!!
To this day listening to it brings me to another time and place in my Christian life. I don’t know whether I’ve grown that much or just swapped a bunch of insecurites for different ones. But its about 15 yeats since I heard the song first and the words are as true to me now as they were then. So I can’t be doing that bad eh?
If you would like to hear the broadcast of our service yesterday you can go to this link., It’s me leading the singing for the the group songs (as opposed to the hymns with the organ).
I’m no Darlene; but zschech me out and let me know what you think!

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