Getting Adl’d in Lildis…

Revisiting another old blog post of mine…


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting Adl’d in Lildis…

We’re trying to budget. or BADGGIT!!!! as the ad used to shout at us…

But where can I save money AND get what I want? Oh no! Now I DO sound like ads on telly,,,

Are you paying too much for your car insurance? (eh.. no)
Are you happy with your whites? (eh… yeah)
Have you had an accident in the last year or two and would you like to sue the living daylights our of some poor unfortunate? (eh… no)
Are you up to your eyes in debt and stuggling to pay an already crippling loan — and would you like to be even MORE in debt??????? (eh no… comment…)

I could go on but I’ll only get upset and I have serioiusly digressed…

But it turns out that Adl (or Lildi — always confuse them) are between 30-40% cheaper than Dunnes and Tesco. But they wouldn’t have everything on my list. Do they even sell houmous and the Metre long pack of Jaffa cakes? I’d have to write 2 or 3 lists! I’m bored half way through one!

The last time I went to Lildi (or maybe it was Adl. — always confuse them) was when I lived in Wales. I bought 3 bags of flour at 9p each, 7 tins of salmon in lemon juice at 47p each, a chinese rice bowl and chopsticks set at £1.99 and a bottle of cheap wine. For some reason I bought stuff I didn’t need cos it was cheap.

I’m afraid to go back in case I spend my shopping money on cheap Christmas decorations and then STILL have to go to Dnnnes and get my houmous and jaffa cakes.

But I plan to give them a try…

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