Back to blogging…

I used to blog quite a bit and have decided to get back into it.

Because my brain is usually muddled, I go from funny stories to serious atgumentative ramblings in my blogs. But they are always about God and me in some way or other.

I think I’ll start by bringing some of my old blogspot posts over to word press.

Hopefully this introduction to my musings will keep you looking in on me.

Do comment if you’d like to but be gentle… I’m big on the  outside but teeny weeny on the inside 🙂

Here are my first two blogs ever, from over 3 yrs ago

Sunday, July 22, 2007

In the Beginning…

Sorry about the corny title… But in the early Christian church people gathered together, shared food, shared fellowship, ahared their possesions and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ – the Saviour.

But now – it’s all so complicated!

And if jesus came to visit us one Sunday what church would He go to? A traditional evangelical church, a lively spirit filled Pentecostal church, a Baptist church, Presbyterian, Methodist, 7th Day Adventist, Anglican????

I am new to this blog stuff and I intend to develop this thought and question fully – but for now I am just throwing the queation out…

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Church cont’d

Already I can see I am going to be as bad at blogging as I was at keeping a diary as a kid!

Anyway… on further reflection and looking at what God has to say about ‘church’ I realise my focus is all wrong. The church is the community of believers across the world. Not a building or a style.

And to be honest – if Jesus came back he would probably head off and have a cup of soup and a toasted sandwich in The Lighthouse on Pearse St or somewhere like that.

So short as it was my little musing on church was – I have found it helpful and will think some more and come back to it…

28 Oct 2010 You know what…. I never did lol

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