Isaiah delayed… NaNoWriMo in full swing

I’m afraid I ran out of time, so my series on Isaiah is on hold for now. I’ll be back to it in January.

At the moment I’m up to my armpits in National Novel Writing Month 2018. The challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days. If you’re looking at this on a laptop or computer screen, you’ll see to the right hand side my NaNoWriMo total so far. Just under 15k as I type. I’m really enjoying the story, and the more I write, the more it unfolds for me.

I’ve played around with cover art. and I’ve written a blurb. It might change, but here it is for now…

Molly is a school teacher who lives alone in the house her parents raised her. A solicitor’s letter informs her she has been anonymously bequeathed ‘Gorse Lodge’, the old Gatekeeper’s Lodge of the nearby Hepworth Estate. 
The terms of the legacy state that she cannot sell it until she has lived in it for 12 months. But it is in disrepair, and the only way she can afford to renovate it, is to sell her parents’ house. 
Together with Maggie, a homeless woman who has been in Molly’s life (and kitchen) for as long as she can remember, and Richard, Molly’s friend and colleague, she tries to find her mystery benefactor; and work out if Gorse Lodge is a millstone around her neck or the opportunity of a lifetime.

During December, I’m inviting  writers to contribute to a series of guests posts. Would you be interested? 300-500 words on the theme of winter or Christmas. Drop a comment below if you’re up for it.

For the Isaiah fans, I’ll see you in Jan 🙂 x

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