V and W are for Haiku (eh?)

It’s true, V and W are not for Haiku, but for these two letters I’m giving some Haiku a go… I’ve just asked the husband to throw some words at me and so I’ll write based on them

Brightens whitens cleans
Vinegar is versatile
Put it on my chips

I did learn to play
but bow to better players
not quite up to scratch

Arm in arm I walk
with my father, and a smile
shining through white lace

Make sure not to waste
develop a thirst to save
life-saving liquid

Can I please throw off
restraining expectations
so I can be me

Do you remember
wormwood, gall and afflictions?
Forget. Here’s Jesus

Are we nearly there yet? 🙂 Three more letters and two more posts!

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