December Blessings – A guest poem

Today’s guest post is from my sister-in-law, another Ann-Marie, (though she spells it wrong 😀 😀 😀 )

The poem is short, but beautiful. And here it is…

December Blessings

At last I escape
from head wreck and heart ache
The bright blue skies balm to my soul
Gusty breezes toss up the crows like black confetti
The silver birches are shapely and clean
And there is the Oak, just quietly being,
witness to petty life
As always, I place my hand on its cracked bark
and soak in its power
It gathers up the wind and blows a blessing
through my hair

(c) Ann-Marie Dunne

photo credit: Rojs Rozentāls winter hunter via photopin (license)

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