#debuke2 My second collection is out!

A quick  commercial break from the December guest posts to share my joyous news. After 5 years I have finally got my second collection of short stories out on Kindle.

It’s called. A Sense of the Sea and other stories. The stories are the same mix of funny (hopefully) and heart warming. There are some darker themes too. The last few years have had an impact on my writing and it has been very therapeutic to explore some themes of grief and death through these tales.

The book is available on Kindle now and will be available in paperback in the New Year. Click here to take a peak.

And of course my first book is there too, relaunched earlier this year. If you’ve never tried it click here to see that one… 🙂

There’s a handy hint for gifting Kindle book… You’ll find that if you click here. Books are lovely pressies, and ebooks are good for the purse.

Thank you lovely readers for your encouragement and support in 2018. There are some great guest posts coming over the next couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy them.

Love and blessings, A x

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