M is for Macarise

MToday’s word is Macarise. It has nothing to with fast food production, pasta with cheese; or equally cheesy spanish pop songs. It’s even BETTER than those things 🙂

phrontistery.info defines it as: to declare to be happy or blessed. A macarism (the noun) is also known as a ‘beatitude – taking pleasure in someone else’s joy.’ So the word can also be used to congratulate someone on their joy.

Last year I did some research on the difference between contentment and happiness. You can be content ‘in every situation’ without necessarily being happy about it. I read somewhere (sorry I can remember where) that contentment is and inner state; more to do with how you feel about how things are. Happiness is a response to the receipt of something good. This is macarism – a beatitude – declaring happiness because of a blessing.

The added element of congratulating others on their joy – well it’s double prizes isn’t it. It echoes Romans 12:15, which says that we should rejoice with those who rejoice.

There are some obvious cases of macarism in the Bible. The two that spring to mind immediately are when Miriam grabbed a tambouine and danced and sang after crossing the Red Sea (Exodus 15:20ff.), and Mary’s own expression of joy; magnifying the LORD for His blessing upon her (Luke 1:46ff.)

My prayer for each and every reader of this post is that the Lord would give you cause to macarise today. 🙂 x

7 thoughts on “M is for Macarise

  1. This is a new word to me. I understand the concept completely! When I was young I knew I was wrong not to be able to rejoice with someone over something they wanted in life, but I did not at that time. Sue

    1. Thank you from one not saved yet, I now know what I feel when I meet people with inner peace and faith, it is what you have just described. Thank you again, may you be blessed

  2. Hi Amo. I am so glad I came for a visit from the A to Z challenge. I can tell we would be friends. I will be back because I wasn’t able to go all the way back to A, and that’s not something I do all the time, but something I definitely want to do with yours. I am saving your address and coming back. What a joyous and pleasant style of writing you have. I just wanted to grab a cup of hot cocoa and visit awhile. Thanks for the great post. I hope you feel I gave you a macarise in my comment. God bless, Maria@Delight Directed Living

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