Charitable Giving — Every little (REALLY) helps!

Working for a charity as i have done for almost 10 years now; I really believe in the concept that ‘Every Little helps’.
I know that Tesco have commandeered the phrase. But they are right.

Coming up to Christmas, this is a time when charitable giving seems to come of the fore. Children in Need will be on soon, lots of charities will send out their Christmas appeal and you won’t be able to get down a high street without someone shaking a collecting tin at you.

If you’ve ever sat in a bath of baked beans to raise money for Children in Need or shaved your head for Tsunami survivors or just thrown a couple of quid in a collection bucket for the NSPCC… you really have done a worthwhile thing.

All those fivers and euros and tenners and fifties when put together can make REAL difference!!!

If your heart hurts for whales, endangered animals, sick childdren or viictims of global disasters you CAN be a small of the solution.

I know in these financially difficult times that it’s hard to give to everything, In fact for a lot of us it’s hard to give to ANYTHING; but I would encourage to find the cause that you feel strongly about and help someone or some ‘body’ that is working to help in that area.

Stuck for ideas of who to give to?
I doubt it but just in case… the charity I work for supports family life in Ireland, TearFund work all over the work helping to fight poverty and injustice, I’ve a friend in the UK who works for the Marine Conservation Society and in January one of my nephews will take the Art O’Neill challenge to raise money for 3Ts (Turn the Tide on Suicide)

As the saying goes…. Give a little; it’ll help a lot!

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