Music on a Monday — Oh Carol!

Are you ready?!

Have you prepared your vocal chords?

Are you all tuned up?

Cos it’s that time of year…..

If you’re someone who goes to church then you’re about to enter the ‘Hark! the Herald Angels Sing’ zone never to escape from it (well… until January!)

But I have to say I wouldn’t have it any other way. I totally love that carol. And the fact that it is a smidge too high for my grizzly alto means I have to MEAN it to be able to sing it.

As someone who loves Christmas and bans humbugs from her presence….! (be warned) the carols mean so much to me.

I’ve always loved Christmas. It’s a huge deal in my family. And I’m grateful to my parents that the crib was as important as the tree when I was a kid. Christmas Mass was important too so I learned that carol at a young age and still love it!

There’s so much GREAT Chistmas music. ReligIous and non religious. And I’ve even written my own Christmas song….

But for me, nothing comes near Hark! the herald angels sing.

And by the way…. if you’ve never actually thought about it, or investigated what it is they sing and why… Ask me, it could lead to a Christmas you’ll never forget!

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