How’s my profile looking?

Got one of those personality profiles done. The only thing that surprised me was it was so accurate.

It says that I need “applause” and that if I don’t feel appreciated that I actually get tired and indecisive.

The maddest bit was, one comment on the profile said,
“she will be de-motivated if she is not invited into meetings with her peers.”
I was amazed by that.
I used to work in a team of 7 or 8 people. There was one meeting each week that I was not part of. It was just a coincidence, I wasn’t involved in that area of our team’s work, and the others who were not involved had a half day on the day that meeting would be on.
So I manned the phones for the team during that meeting.
I did not like it at all! Even though I knew there was a valid reason for me not being there.
The worst bit was if someone popped in and wondered why I was the only one not at the meeting and I would be at pains to explain. I remember the feeling so well and I was shocked to see the words in black and white in the profile.

It did make me laugh tho!
How do they get those profiles so right? It’s amazing.

So what does it all mean?

Well if you don’t read my blog, follow me on Twitter and RT when you do then…

I might cwy.

Oh by the way the profile also suggests that I have a very ‘persuasive’ style

aka emotional blackmail 🙂

Another old blog post of mine – Cadbury’s now owned by Mac’n’Cheese brigade!!!

I’ve been looking at my old blog posts and found this one from almost a year ago…

What a sad day. After months of fending off a hostile takeover, Cadbury have finally bowed to Kraft’s offer.
Now I’m feeling very delicate and fragile at the moment (another story) but the one of the things gives me comfort is chocolate. In fact I do believe it is an addcitive substance. I’d love to walk up to a drug addict and say, “HEROIN??? come on!! have you never dipped a bar of fruit and nut into your tea and sucked the melting chocolate off while keeping a finger free to catch the bit rolling down your chin?????? Now that’s a high!!”

But some one told me that not to do that. Not advisable… apparently!

Kraft make soups, freeze dried mac’n’cheese and all sorts of other highly processed instant stuff. Yum… not! And I know Iriah jobs are important and blah blah blah but WHAT IF THEY CHANGE THE RECIPE!!!! Now that WOULD BE a serious national disaster.

As life progresses I realise more and more that it is true… God really IS the only one I can rely on. I’m struggling with some disappointments at the moment. And even the faithful chocolate could end up being a pierce’n’ding product — although I’m not sure quite how that would work; but you get my point.

There was an attempt at a hostile take over of God. More than 1 actually. But he fends them off — every time. And thank God that his recipe won’t change!

Right let’s make some tea…. 🙂

An old blog of mine…. on social networking

Get out of my FACEbook!

This is a new site I’m thinking of developing for people who want to join social network sites but don’t want anyone to view their profile, don’t want to be invited to join an group and certainly DON’T want anyone to request their friendship!!

It is inspired by a friend of mine who is new to FB and VERY suspicious of it. He’s quite wary that now he is on there, people might find him.

There was the shocking moment when he realised that when he wrote on his friend’s wall other people could see it!!! The post went something like… “Wow Pete, haven’t seen you in ages. How are you doing?”

Now I know that the guys from Spooks would have that deciphered in a second and would know that this guy is obviously subversive and a danger to society and scoop him up, hiding him in a Safe House in Bethnal Green; never to be seen again. But to most of us FB users it’s probably fairly harmless and won’t damage the UN peace agreement s just yet if someone spots it. . .

Some words of advice for those nervous about social networking sites. Don’t take them too seriously guys. Don’t dwell too much on it. Be sensible, be friendly and for goodness sake if you’re going to add your credit card number will you PLEASE remember the last 3 digits on the back!!!

Getting Adl’d in Lildis…

Revisiting another old blog post of mine…


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting Adl’d in Lildis…

We’re trying to budget. or BADGGIT!!!! as the ad used to shout at us…

But where can I save money AND get what I want? Oh no! Now I DO sound like ads on telly,,,

Are you paying too much for your car insurance? (eh.. no)
Are you happy with your whites? (eh… yeah)
Have you had an accident in the last year or two and would you like to sue the living daylights our of some poor unfortunate? (eh… no)
Are you up to your eyes in debt and stuggling to pay an already crippling loan — and would you like to be even MORE in debt??????? (eh no… comment…)

I could go on but I’ll only get upset and I have serioiusly digressed…

But it turns out that Adl (or Lildi — always confuse them) are between 30-40% cheaper than Dunnes and Tesco. But they wouldn’t have everything on my list. Do they even sell houmous and the Metre long pack of Jaffa cakes? I’d have to write 2 or 3 lists! I’m bored half way through one!

The last time I went to Lildi (or maybe it was Adl. — always confuse them) was when I lived in Wales. I bought 3 bags of flour at 9p each, 7 tins of salmon in lemon juice at 47p each, a chinese rice bowl and chopsticks set at £1.99 and a bottle of cheap wine. For some reason I bought stuff I didn’t need cos it was cheap.

I’m afraid to go back in case I spend my shopping money on cheap Christmas decorations and then STILL have to go to Dnnnes and get my houmous and jaffa cakes.

But I plan to give them a try…