How’s my profile looking?

Got one of those personality profiles done. The only thing that surprised me was it was so accurate.

It says that I need “applause” and that if I don’t feel appreciated that I actually get tired and indecisive.

The maddest bit was, one comment on the profile said,
“she will be de-motivated if she is not invited into meetings with her peers.”
I was amazed by that.
I used to work in a team of 7 or 8 people. There was one meeting each week that I was not part of. It was just a coincidence, I wasn’t involved in that area of our team’s work, and the others who were not involved had a half day on the day that meeting would be on.
So I manned the phones for the team during that meeting.
I did not like it at all! Even though I knew there was a valid reason for me not being there.
The worst bit was if someone popped in and wondered why I was the only one not at the meeting and I would be at pains to explain. I remember the feeling so well and I was shocked to see the words in black and white in the profile.

It did make me laugh tho!
How do they get those profiles so right? It’s amazing.

So what does it all mean?

Well if you don’t read my blog, follow me on Twitter and RT when you do then…

I might cwy.

Oh by the way the profile also suggests that I have a very ‘persuasive’ style

aka emotional blackmail 🙂

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