The A to Z of the Pastor’s Wife – B is for Balance

B 2016B is for Balance

One of the things I’m trying to work out at the moment is how to manage my time. We don’t have children, so we’ve only really had to worry about ourselves and each other. Life is busy for most people I think. I’m trying to be a writer, I work, I have a home and a husband to keep in some semblance of order. Though I have to say, he does his fair share and more.

But now… well, things are different now.

A new group of people has been added into our mix. There are others we have to consider when thinking about how we spend our week.

When Rich started working for the church, I was commuting to a full-time job; out of the house for 9-10 hours a day. Most of my shifts were late finishing and I worked Saturdays every so often. I had no idea how I would manage. I knew I’d need to be around more. I WANTED to be around more, but did not know how I’d do it. Immediately I started to look for more local, part-time work. In a flash, I had a part-time job, a short walk from the church. It was amazing, and in a later post I’ll tell you the full story.

So now, it’s easier to sort my time out, but… I’m still learning the balance.

The wife
The PASTOR’S wife (she’s a whole other wife!)
The domestic goddess (hey! stop laughing!)
The 9-5 worker (well, 9-2 😀 )
The writer (not recently, but she’s back now)
The child of God (mmm have a feeling that should be higher up the list…)
The musician (practise has been a bit thin on the ground)

Who and what gets my time first? OK I know there are a couple of obvious answers in there, but how do i balance it all? That’s my thing at the moment; learning what my priorities are. And I think it all ties in to another issue that’s rolling about my mind at the moment.

Who’s calling is this?

Richard is employed by the church. I’m not. But surely we’re both called aren’t we? This isn’t just his thing…. C is for calling – so let’s do that one next.

No post tomorrow as is the tradition of A to Z (Sundays off), so I’ll see you Monday x

8 thoughts on “The A to Z of the Pastor’s Wife – B is for Balance

  1. So many of us are struggling to find that balance, Annmarie. Thanks for sharing your story from the perspective of a pastor’s wife. I do agree that you are both called. Part of creating balance, I think, has to be intentionality. That’s something I’m working on this year. Looking forward to tracking the rest of your A-Z posts. Love from across the pond 🙂

  2. I have actually heard that being a pastor’s wife is a full-time job. I suppose it’s like being a politician’s wife. You end up representing the church. The good thing is that you can touch so many lives, but I can only imagine the responsibility. Come to think of it, a full-time job is probably easier. It’s more like parenthood! You’re parenting an entire church.


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