The A to Z of the Pastor’s Wife – A is for Amen

Thank you so much for the lovely welcome back I’ve had. You don’t know what it means to know that you are still here even after my months of absence. Thanks for the messages and tweets etc, to hail my return. I’m blessed.

And so here we to with 2016’s A to Z Challenge and my theme this year – The A to Z of the Pastor’s wife 🙂

A 2016

A is for Amen

‘So be it.’ That’s the translation of the word Amen.
‘Truth’ is another way it can be described.

After years of doubting it would happen, and I confess in some small way being reluctant for it to happen, I came to the point of saying “so be it” – AMEN, the beloved is gong to be a Pastor.

We were married 7 years before we had any notion of a calling to this type of ministry. I was 30 something, he was 40 something. We had just relocated to Ireland, I was happy to be home, but struggling emotionally. In the midst of all that, came a call to action.

My stock answer to the raised eyebrows of perplexity… “Believe me, there’s no one more surprised than we are.”

But when it settled, when it grew on me, I felt peace about it. That weird peace you feel when you’re scared and reluctant; feeling ill-equipped and out of your depth. Knowing that you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, even though you’ve no idea how to do it – or why you’ve been asked… it’s a fabulously bizarre place to be.

But I say – so be it, Lord!

It has to start there doesn’t it? I have to grasp this thing with both hand and say, “AMEN God, to the task you’ve called me to.”

All I have to do now is work out what exactly I’m supposed to be doing… 😀

A x

ps The pastor guest tells the story in more depth here if you’d like to read it.

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