The A to Z of the Pastor’s Wife – M is for Mammy

MM is for Mammy

OK before we start, I know ‘what if’ is a bit of a waste of time, especially when there is absolutely no way of knowing the answer to the question.


There are two that have been rolling around my head for a while.

  1. What would my mammy of me being a pastor’s wife?
  2. Would I be better at this, if I was a mammy?

See I told you there wasn’t much point in the questions! So why can’t I get them out of my head?

I hope my mam would like what I’m doing now. When I started down this journey of faith, she wasn’t very happy. She was hurt, and worried that I was not on the path that I’d been brought up to travel on. I didn’t react well to her reaction and so, when it came to conversations about faith, there were a few difficult years. Over time I think she realised it was right for me. She got on great with himself and I know she really enjoyed our wedding day; and travelling to Wales to visit us when she did.

I am not sure what she would think of this development. I hope she’d be happy about this part of the journey too.

As for question 2. Well, the problem there is, I always think I’d be better at stuff if I was a mammy. I’m sure I’d be great at getting up early, more organised, more tidy, more patient, more sociable, skinnier, taller, faster, I’d have shiny hair AND shiny floors… See where I’m going with this?!

There’s no doubt I’d have a better understanding of family life and the issues parents face, if I was one. I suppose I’m hoping that whatever the gaps in my knowledge and experience, God will fill them. I pray He will give me the spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that I may know Him better. (Eph 1:17)

If I have that, then maybe all the stuff I don’t know (what ifs included), won’t matter so much.

The A to Z of the Pastor’s Wife – K is for Kyrie eleison

KK is for Kyrie eleison

Kyrie is more than just the translated word for mercy. It’s a petition for mercy. The crying out, in the knowledge that you are in need of it. The most powerful sung version of it for me, comes from an unlikely place.

I’m not a big fan of Sinéad O’Connor. I can never decide whether I want to shout at her or hug her, but what ever I think of what she says, I’m constantly blown away by how she sings. She has the most powerful, emotive voice; I believe she’s has one of the greatest and underrated voices of our generation.

Some years ago she sang a Kyrie live on a popular Friday night TV show in Ireland. I was pinned to my chair. To me it seemed she wasn’t just singing it. It really felt like a cry for mercy. I know she’s an artiste and can ‘bring it’ when she needs to. But it looked, felt and sounded 100% genuine to me.

Everyone is in need of mercy; and it turns out that the best way to receive it is to show it. Matthew 5:7 tells us, ‘Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.’

I’ve been worried about how easy it would be, to ‘run out’ of mercy, of grace, of patience… but I’m reminded that as I show mercy to others, mercy will be shown to me. The more I give, the more I’ll receive.


The A to Z of the Pastor’s Wife – F is for Fellowship

FF is for Fellowship

Every so often I meet up with a small group of women who are married to pastors. We’re all very different. Some have been PWs for a number of years. Others are quite new to it. I’m the total newbie. Our churches aren’t the same either. Different types and sizes.  But for the motley crew we are – we share an understanding of the challenge, responsibility and blessings of the role we’re in.

We coffee, chat and pray together. We’re also going through a book together; The Minister’s Wife by Ann Benton. I shuddered a little at the thought of going through a book. But it’s actually great. Down to earth, realistic, encouraging and challenging. Just what I need.

It’s been great to be able to share stuff and hear about other situations. We pray for our churches, we pray for each other; and we pray for our husbands, with that unique insight we have in their lives and ministry.

There’s something special about fellowship with people who are in a similar boat.

I thank God for these ladies 🙂

The A to Z of the Pastor’s Wife – E is for Excitement, Encouragement & Extraordinary!

EE is for Excited, Encouraged & Extraordinary

Now yesterday you might have thought me a bit negative; but I want to be honest in these posts. It was a ‘real’ post. I hope you get that. And here’s another real one for you. I am so excited. I am so encouraged. I am so… thrilled at the extraordinary thing that God has done.

Our church family prayed for a Pastor. They hadn’t had one for 20 years. And we were the answer to those prayers. You can read more about that unbelievable story here. Already there are great encouragements and new people coming to church; coming to God. Not our doing, we’re blessed to be reaping the  harvest that others planted for.

When it comes to extraordinary – well, the Gospel of Christ just blows my mind! To work together with himself and others in sharing God’s love & grace is a blast. I’m still not sure how good I’ll be at this – but I need to remember how privileged I am to get to do it.
Do me a favour and don’t let me forget that.  🙂

I’m v late posting today, so I’ll leave it there. Tomorrow is ‘F’ for Fellowship. Until then x

The A to Z of the Pastor’s Wife – A is for Amen

Thank you so much for the lovely welcome back I’ve had. You don’t know what it means to know that you are still here even after my months of absence. Thanks for the messages and tweets etc, to hail my return. I’m blessed.

And so here we to with 2016’s A to Z Challenge and my theme this year – The A to Z of the Pastor’s wife 🙂

A 2016

A is for Amen

‘So be it.’ That’s the translation of the word Amen.
‘Truth’ is another way it can be described.

After years of doubting it would happen, and I confess in some small way being reluctant for it to happen, I came to the point of saying “so be it” – AMEN, the beloved is gong to be a Pastor.

We were married 7 years before we had any notion of a calling to this type of ministry. I was 30 something, he was 40 something. We had just relocated to Ireland, I was happy to be home, but struggling emotionally. In the midst of all that, came a call to action.

My stock answer to the raised eyebrows of perplexity… “Believe me, there’s no one more surprised than we are.”

But when it settled, when it grew on me, I felt peace about it. That weird peace you feel when you’re scared and reluctant; feeling ill-equipped and out of your depth. Knowing that you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, even though you’ve no idea how to do it – or why you’ve been asked… it’s a fabulously bizarre place to be.

But I say – so be it, Lord!

It has to start there doesn’t it? I have to grasp this thing with both hand and say, “AMEN God, to the task you’ve called me to.”

All I have to do now is work out what exactly I’m supposed to be doing… 😀

A x

ps The pastor guest tells the story in more depth here if you’d like to read it.

The April A to Z brings me back

It’s been a while. Too long! I am, however back and looking forward to delighting you all with my excogitations and ministrations. 🙂

I have decided to launch into my favourite blogging event of the year. The April A to Z Blogging Challenge. Last year I didn’t finish it, but it’s always one of the funnest things to do. It’s a great way to connect with other bloggers, find new people to follow and some new readers too. If you’re interested, you still have a few days to sign up before the list closes. I’m number 1,617! There’s room for one more…

a-to-z banner 2016 2

My theme this year is “The A to Z of being a Pastor’s Wife.” I have been a Pastor’s wife now for 4 months, so obviously I know all there is to know *coughs* and am ready to share my wisdom. 😀

OK so I still have oodles of stuff to learn. God has shown me things about myself that I had not seen before (or maybe things I had just ignored). I’ve also seen the beloved in a new light, and am learning to let him be my Pastor too. We live ‘on site’, which has its own blessings and challenges. And we are loved, so unbelievably loved, by people we’re just getting to know. It’s been an amazing few months and I’m looking forward to sharing some of my thoughts on these early days.

So! After a break from writing, I’m delighted to getting back into the daily habit.

I’m really glad you’re still here – oh faithful readers. Thank you! xx

And I’ll see you bright and early, on April 1st 🙂