The End of an Error! Oh… sorry…. I meant ‘Era’

Never been a fan of change. Well, I’ve never been a fan of change to things I like. Please feel free to take all the things I don’t like and change them. Go on… off you go… 🙂

New filing system… 🙂

This post is really a tribute to former workmates. For the last few months I’ve been working from home. We’re in the process of packing up the office and the other day I got a pang of… ‘ohhh I’m gonna miss these guys.’ Don’t misunderstand me. I’m a big fan of my own company… I can regularly be found laughing at my own jokes and musing on my own hilariousness. (One of these days it’s going to get me into trouble tho…!)

So in honour of the last 5 years I wanted to send a tribute to the Dublin West Community Church folk that I’ve shared office life with.

Mervyn – (my boss for most of that time) Merv thanks for letting me boss you around and correct your spelling and grammar. I loved (and equally detested) your ability to sing the same one line of a song at regular intervals through the day. Highlights include “I am the one and only”, “Johnny’s got a boom boom,” and “It’s beautiful DAAAAY”! It was a special privilege to pray with you and see the providence of God lead you and Gladys to adopt Buhle! (After that, your one-liners went on to include… “ H R Puff n Stuff”!)
Weak Tea, with too much sugar and lots of milk coming up… 🙂

A real life, living, breathing, cute and precious answer to prayer! (I’m talking bout the one in the middle :D)
Visit Third Space in Smithfield. You won’t regret it! Either will I… when I eventually get there…

Seán – You made me think about so many things I can’t actually list them. I’d have gladly sat and listened to you all day – even though I often disagreed with you! 🙂 Thanks for lending me lots of your books and when you moved on to other things, GIVING me lots of your books. And thanks for answering my questions, lots of which were stupid. I’m sorry I’ve never visited @thirdspace; but I will. Delighted that it’s going so well.

Rosemary – You weren’t there for very long after I started. But while you were there, things were very civilised. We used to stop and have lunch together at the table. It was very organised and calm… and all kinda fell apart when you left!!! Thanks for making me feel so welcome.

Dawn – I was sad when your weekly visits stopped. It was great to get to know you as a Dublin Westie as well as via the IBI connection. Thanks so much for taking time to share your Quickbooks wisdom – especially as numbers are the equivalent of a second language to me. Only for you I’d quite literally be lost.

Fraser – Da Frase! I don’t know whether you meant to or not but you regularly made me laugh! You sing out of tune! Your hair isn’t nearly as nice as David McWilliams’! You talk too loud when you’re doing your speech-type thing… “the grace of God, the GRACE, GRACE, of God FULL STOP, return return….” But it was a total hoot working with you. Especially during the ‘quote of the week’ phase we went through… my favourite is of course the legendary… “Jaaaaaaaney lads, it’s a disaster!” Oh and you sound like you’re from D4 but claim not to be… very suspicious…

Claire – I just love you missis. I wish I could put down here the subject matter of our conversations and how you’ve encouraged me, challenged and driven me around the bloody twist 🙂 Thanks for being at my grad and at my 40th – I love that you turn up when you say you will! I miss the craic with you. You brought some much needed oestrogen to the office but a surprising amount of testosterone too! I know we share some of the same demons! But you definitely have one or two I don’t have… and vice versa 😀

Dave – I will miss you mostest!

I think I shared office time and space with you more than anyone else over the last 5 years. You’re another one that taught me many things. But mostly about computers and music – I never managed to master your ‘running man’ moves tho. Our recording sessions in your gaff were brill. When I’m famous I promise to share the profits 🙂 Your heart for people is a blessing and a challenge to watch. When I was scared, awkward or just too busy to deal with the random folk that would wander in to the office, you made tea and sat with them and chatted. You’re a good man Dave, even though your daughter insists you are a ‘smelly Daddy’ 🙂

Other regular visits from Dublin Westies including Carolyn, Steve, Tom, Maro, Mark, Gwyneth and Aunty Anthea made for a great working life.

Thanks a mil Dublin West Community Church.
God bless the work! xx

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