World Book Day 2018

It’s World Book Day!

I hope you’re intending on reading a book today. Here are some suggestions…

My book… The Long & The Short of it… my 1st collection of short stories, published at the end of 2013. I’m currently editing my second collection and very excited to release it to the word soon…

The book of the moment… New Life: Reflections for Lent… I’m delighted to be part of the Association of Christian Writers and proud to have a piece in this Lent anthology. All the more because I’m in the company of some great writing and writers.


Next book on the TBR pile… Lincoln: The biography of a writer… I’m cannot wait to get stuck into this. I had no idea that Lincoln was a writer. I mentioned the book in passing to my brother in law, and lo! I got it as a Christmas present. I confess, it has skipped the queue 🙂

My fave fiction book… Pride and Prejudice… Jane Austen is incomparable, IMO. She writes her time, culture and characters in the most excellent way. It’s the best fiction read of my life, and the one book I’ve read more than any other.

My fave true book… The Bible… God’s Word! I love it. I should love it more. I pray God gives me a hunger for it every day.

Whether you read fiction or fact, make sure to do some reading today. If you’ve read a book and can recommend it, please leave a review. Some people think, if they can’t leave a five star review then they shouldn’t leave one at all. I disagree. An honest review of whatever star rating you deem the book worth, is the best gift a writer can receive.

So, read a book, buy a book, borrow a book, review a book, and if you’ve got one  burning inside you… write a book.

Happy World Book Day! 🙂 x

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