April Fool!

OK so my ‘A’ post is not sticking to my AtoZ theme.
I’ll just say this and get back to my theme tomorrow…

This year Easter Sunday is on April Fool’s Day.
I can see the memes already.

But you don’t need to tell me I’m a fool. I know who and what I am. I’m an eejit. 1st class, top quality. I’m in a constant state of eejit-ness.

I read some incredibly sad ‘In her shoes’ stories as part of the campaign to repeal 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution. I too believe women deserve better that the current options they have, but I still believe that ending the life of the unborn is wrong. Many people I know and love disagree. If the law needs to change so that pregnant woman are better cared for then, YES! Let’s do that. But a complete removal of protection of the unborn is just wrong.
I don’t say it often enough. If I did many would call me a fool, and worse.

I second guess and question myself all the time. Even as I write this, I dread anyone reading it. Weight loss is at a bit of a stand still. And though I’m determined not to go back, I’m annoyed not to have reached my first main goal of minus 6 stone. I worry about my writing, I worry about my performance in work. I worry about my role as a deacon in the church. What kind wife I am. What kind of Pastor’s wife I am. What kind of Christian I am.

I spend most of the time feeling like a fool.
Regrets…? I’ve had a few, too many to mention!

In and of myself there are no redeeming qualities. I am so disappointed with myself. All. The. Time.

But… the very reason I’ll be called a fool on April 1st is the only redeeming quality I can claim.

I don’t believe in self-reliance. If I am all I have, then I am in big trouble! There is only one person I can 100% rely on, and that his God. But I cannot come near him because I am a fool. I am an imperfect blundering blithering idiot. That’s where Good Friday comes in. That’s where the Cross comes in. Not just my idiocy, not just my idiosyncrasies, but all my sinful shame. All dealt with. On the cross. The only redeeming quality I own, does not belong to me. The only redeeming quality I can claim is Jesus’ redeeming work on at the Cross. He took it all, and in Him, only in Him, am I worth anything.

The Apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 1:25, “For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.” On this Easter Day, I’ll be praising God for all He has done for me, and praying that His foolishness, replaces mine 🙂

Happy Easter x

3 thoughts on “April Fool!

    1. Thanks Gail. I was a bit off topic for my ‘A’ post for the day that’s in it. Back on theme tomorrow. Looking forward to reading your posts x

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