The A to Z of the Pastor’s Wife – Old Hat

OO is for Old Hat

I work in bins, did you know that? Not IN actual bins, you understand. Part of my job is to take enquiries about bin collections etc. The size of waste bins has been reduced in many authorities – in an effort to curb landfill use and encourage recycling. So much of what we used day to day, can be recycled.

Recycling is hard work though. Rinse out the cartons and containers, flatten the cardboard, separate the cellophane from the plastic tray, squash down the bottles. Then there’s the food scraps. It is worth doing though. Recycling 6 teabags produces enough energy to make a cup of tea!

Much of what we use is reusable; it has value.

When you want to be a mammy and you don’t get to be one, it’s easy to think that there’s no purpose out there or you. I can sing but I’ll never be ‘a singer’. I am a writer, but I have no illusions of global success in that department. I do believe that I have an important job to do. I’ve been given this new purpose – in my 40s no less. What a joy it is to be recycled!

Many think that the things I believe are out of date too. I hope I can reflect some of the eternal purpose; the eternal necessity of Christianity. Talk about making myself useful. 🙂

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