Remember, remember, the absolute bonkers madness that is November (hang on… that’s not right is it?)

In case you hadn’t heard… 🙂

Well hello everyone!

Have you missed me? I’ve been buried under the craziness of NaNoWriMo AND getting my book ready to launch. NaNo story is almost there. Almost 42k as of last night, so on the home stretch now.

But the very exciting news is that ‘The Long & The Short of it’ my first collection of short stories is out and there and published and real and you know… PUBLISHED 🙂


It’s a fantastic feel to have the book out there in the world.

You many recognise a few of the stories as a number of them have been on the blog. But they’ve been polished up and some of them have a different ending… There are also some brand spanking new stories too – that never made it to the blog.


The launch was a fun night. The book was launched by novelist, story-writer and story-teller Catherine…

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