Disappearing for a while…

I’ll be a bit quiet during November… here’s why 🙂

Hi foiks

I’ve decided to do NaNoWriMo this year – aka National Novel Writing Month – to try to get the bones of my first novel down on the page.

So I won’t be around much in November, but… my first collection of short stories  called
‘The Long and the Short of it’ is being launched this month so as soon as I have a venue confirmed I’ll be shouting. Date is November 21st. More news anon.. 🙂

If you are doing #NoNoWriMo this year and would like to buddy up, my NaNo user name is ‘auntyamo’ and my word count will be automatically updated to the little blue box on the right hand side – the minimum word count for the month is 50,000.

My NaNo novel is ‘Dear Mel…’ and here is the synopsis I’ve put up on the NaNo site..

Carmel Graham, or Mel as she…

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