Five Minute Friday – Lonely

Here we go with this week’s Five Minute Friday… Five minutes of unedited, non stop writing on this week’s given theme ‘Lonely’

You’ve heard it before haven’t you? The saying that you don’t have to be alone to be lonely.
We all know that we can be lonely in a crowded room. How many kids are lonely on the school playground? How many adults are lonely in a busy work environment?

And so it goes that not everyone is lonely when they are alone.


I reckon that’s because ‘lonely’ is an internal thing.

I have often longed for peace and quiet – and I mean more than just the absence of noise, I mean inner peace and inner quiet. Sometimes loneliness is just too loud.

It might sound like a contradiction, but to me loneliness is a noise. It mocks and it teases and it tries to scare me and tries to steal my peace. Even though I know that God is always with me, sometimes I struggle to feel His presence and I allow the din to take over.

I don’t have any clever lines to finish off with.
No handy hint or tip to combat it.
Sometimes you just have to go through a lonely phase and battle on.

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Five Minute Friday

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10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Lonely

  1. I’ve never thought of loneliness as a noise. Interesting point to ponder; I think you’re right. Lonely can be just as loud as the chaos we sometimes immerse ourselves in as we try to combat the loneliness. Visiting from FMF. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I really love this. You’ve described loneliness so aptly, as a noise. And I love your honesty in the ending of this post. Thanks for the reminder to battle on, and thanks for bravely sh aring your heart.

  3. Vicki

    I had never thought about loneliness as a noise, but much as a sound can overcome all your senses, so, too, loneliness. How insightful! Thank you. 🙂 – Vicki

    1. Thanks for popping by Vicki.
      I’ve been encouraged to see the way different people have described loneliness and in some cases have been able to combat it 🙂 x

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