The A to Z of the Pastor’s Wife – H is for Home

HH is for Home

As I write this, a gang of family members are gathering to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. He has been gone for just over 2 years, but tonight in his local they’ll raise a glass to him and raise their voices in song. He and my mam, who’s been gone for 11 years now, left us a great legacy of spending time and singing songs together.

I don’t get homesick these days, but today is one of those days that I’d like to be at home.

I suffered terribly with homesickness when I lived in the UK before. Nothing against Wales or my friends and family here – I just missed Ireland, and my own lot. I’m so thankful to God that when He called me back to Wales, He made it an easy transition. Communication is easier too. Whatsapp is a very cool app. It’s been very handy to be able to be in contact with all 7 siblings (yes 7) in one go. Sometimes the conversations are bonkers, and I love it.

After a few weeks of tripping over boxes and trying to find space for stuff, we’re just about unpacked in our new home; one we believe will be a long term one. We’ve moved a number of times in the 17 years that we’ve known each other. This is our 8th ‘home’ in 16 years of marriage, that’s not counting moving to temporary accommodation on 5 different occasions. I didn’t leave my parents house until I was 27. Boy did I make up for it! 😀

“So what has all this got to do with being a Pastor’s Wife?” I hear you ask.

Actually, I’m asking that question myself. 🙂

I think it’s that this season of my life has brought about a (hopefully) permanent/long term home. It’s been years since we’ve felt settled; years since we’ve felt we can really unpack… everything.

There are perks to this job, which we’ll deal with in ‘P’ on the 19th – our home is definitely one of them. 🙂

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