10 Day You Challenge, Day 5 – 6 Places

Day 5 of the ’10 Day You Challenge’ 10-days-you-challenge2 copy Today – 6 places… 😉

1. Dargaville, New Zealand
Spent 3 months there after I qualified as a hairdresser in 1993 (I think). I worked with a former boss for a while and had great fun. Spent some time with Irish family in Brisbane while I was that side of the world.
Spent time with surfer dudes and Māori madsers, as well as the local Irish contingent – it was a great trip

Amo in NZ
Dargaville was very like Ireland, when the sun wasn’t splitting the stones…

2. Slovenia
This was part of a mission trip to Austria with a bit of time in Italy too. Slovenia was the hard part though. The poverty was such a shock to me. I had no idea that people could have so little and still be happy. I spent most of the time terrified and wishing I was at home. Serious comfort zone withdrawal that did me no harm whatsoever 😉

3. Bangkok
I spent 4 hours in Bangkok Airport and that was more than enough!
I was flying home from the above trip to NZ and there was a 4 hour stop in BK. The authorities there didn’t want us to get off the plane but we’d been on it for 10 hours. I, along with a number of passengers, kicked up a stink, and after about an hour of negotiations the passengers and crew were allowed off the plane for half an hour. We were escorted off the plane and onto shuttle buses at gun point with a guy screaming “20 minutes and you back on plane!” every 5 seconds.
It felt like some bizarre remake of Tenko!

4. America
I’ve been to California twice, New Jersey 3 times and Boston once and have loved it each and every time. Almost moved there at one stage but then I met some Welsh guy and well… you know the rest 🙂
Next time I want to go to Indiana to meet my cornea donor’s family.

I'm the smaller one (for a change :D )
I’m the smaller one (for a change 😀 )

5. Sorrento
We went to Sorrento for our honeymoon. It was a beautiful place (until we hired a car – we almost split up because of the stress of driving on Italian roads – but that’s for another blog post some day!) We stayed in a posh hotel, our room had a bell and you had to take a lift with the concierge down to the private beach. Fabulous!
The tour of Pompeii was pretty cool too.

6. Ireland
I love Ireland and being Irish 🙂
I think there’s too much of a downer in our country at the moment. Even though the government and the banks etc have let us down in many ways, it’s still a fabulous place to be from I reckon.
I’ve spent the last few days travelling around the S and SW of Ireland, and it’s the most beautiful place in the world if you ask me.

One of the many fabulous views on our trip around Dingle
One of the many fabulous views on our trip around Dingle

Psalm 24:1,2
The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it,
the world, and all who live in it;
for he founded it on the seas
and established it on the waters.

Photo credits:
The 10 Day You image above doesn’t seem to come from any central website but can be found on many that have done the challenge. Many use it but there does not seem to be any original source info available
The other 3 were taken by me.

2 thoughts on “10 Day You Challenge, Day 5 – 6 Places

  1. davearnold16

    Wow! You’ve been to some great places! I love to travel too. My wife & I also went to Italy for our honeymoon. Yes, the driving is quite interesting (but nothing compared to the Middle East).

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