Five Minute Friday – Broken

Our neighbour knocked at the door the other day to borrow our tin-can opener. She then arrived back at the door, slightly red-faced to say that as she gave it the first turn, the whole thing came apart in her hand.

tin opener
Our shiny new tin opener.
But I’m not so easily replaced!

She literally handed it back to me in about 8 pieces. Little tiny screws, the big handle, the twisty-turny bit (not the technical term I’m sure). She was very apologetic and promised to replace it and apologised again. But obvs I told her it was ok not to worry. Most likely the next time I’d picked it up it would have fallen apart and it was just a ‘time & place’ thing.

But I did ponder it for a while. Because I’ve often felt just one twist or turn away from breaking and no one would know, It’s not something that can be seen. Just like the tin opener!

I’ve felt it many times over the years… that feeling that I just can’t take any more pain or disappointment.
One more turn and I’ll fall apart into not 8 but 80 pieces, and I’ll never be put back again.

And though I’ve felt like that on occasion, almost broken – I’ve never quite fallen apart.

I am bruised,
God literally only knows how I am bruised!
But He has not allowed me to be broken… 🙂

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