Vicar’s Got Talent?

Well now, it seems that the jury is out on the flashmob dancing vicar!

It’s been very interesting watching the reaction. I’ve seen the youtube clip posted loads of times, with comments ranging from the likes of – ‘this is fantastic!’ to ‘this is the worse thing you will ever see.’

I’ve read Christians who think ‘YEAH God is fun – I want my pastor to do this!’ and a self-confessed atheistic complain that ‘church is a place of worship’ and that this was disrespectful. I’ve also read a blog post by a priest who wonders if this is the type of thing that has the CofE numbers falling. I highly doubt that flashmobs are the reason for low church attendance. (Unless you count the two ladies who walked out in the middle of the dance routine.)

The thing that struck me was the fact that the bride and the vicar spent a lot of their time chatting. Now I’m only guessing but I reckon it might have been something like,

medium_6861100527 greek dancers cropped
We should be grateful that we weren’t subjected to Stavros Flatley… I suppose!

“You doing anything later?”
“Eh, yeah I just got married.”
“Of course sorry. I meant to ask you actually, how is that dress staying up?”
“Oh I’m wired into, don’t worry it’s very secure,… Hang on, where are Aunty Maureen and Aunty Mavis going?”
“Huh? who?”
“Hey be careful for your bit, don’t trip over your cassock again. “
“Gosh that would be embarrassing –  oh here’s my cue, back in a sec…”
“Go on girl, you’ve got the moves like Hagar…”

I’ll be honest and say I don’t feel that strongly about it either way, which is a bit weird for me actually. I think it’s a bit cute. This couple have been together years and I think it’s great that they decided to get married. The article in the papers suggest that the ‘type’ of vicar that she was helped make their decision.

I do have a little niggle about it though… I’ve been singing at weddings for years – about 25 I’d say. Most of them have been Roman Catholic weddings, and I’ve seen things change over that time. But one thing that has stayed constant is that during the Mass, the songs have to be Christian. So as the bride walks in, during the signing of the register and as the couple leave – the music can be more personal to them; but during the ceremony it is preferred that the music be ‘holy’. I actually like that. I like that there’s a bit of demarcation; a section where we acknowledge that something special is happening here and we should respect it.

So though I’m not against the flashmob I wonder if, smack bang in the middle of the bit where God has joined the two together is the most appropriate place for it, Maybe they could have flash mobbed out of the church when it was all done and dusted.
But hey… mine is just one of many opinions on this thing. The clip has gone viral and seems to have everyone talking – and that’s no bad thing.

Oh and don’t judge Aunty Mavis and Aunty Maureen for leaving. My guess is they went out to the car to get their driving shoes so they could join in. 

God bless and don’t forget… Everybody dance now…

photo credit: DimitraTzanos via photopin cc

2 thoughts on “Vicar’s Got Talent?

  1. I prefer some decorum during the ceremony. But once it’s over – perhaps when the couple is walking out – it would have been refreshing and great fun to see this performance.

    But that said, if it works for the couple – who are we to criticize – join in and help them celebrate, I say.

    And for those of us who forgot our dancing shoes – hurry up, get yourself home and rush back with the dance shoes – meanwhile, hit the freeze button 🙂

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