Blog Awards Ireland 2013

Nominations are now open for Blog Awards Ireland 2013 and this isn’t only a punt for my blog. You should go nominate any Irish blog you love.

There are two new categories open this year. Best Youth Blog and Best Blog from the Irish Diaspora. So on the night we’ll probably have a live satellite-link to the winner of that one.
Very Oscar-esque 🙂

One of the categories I really enjoyed last year was ‘Best Blog Post.’ This is where one individual post is nominated and it is the only category that goes to public vote.
(After nomination, all other categories are judged.)

Maybe there is a post of mine that has stood out for you and you’d like to nominate it…
A few popular ones in the last year are

“I am what I am” – Could I live by this paralympic anthem?

Suicide Awareness Day 2012

Dear Twitter

blog_awards_main_banner cropped and small
So if any of those take your fancy for ‘Best Blog Post’ or you reckon the blog itself is worthy of a nomination in ‘Best Personal’ or ‘Best Lifestyle’ maybe… please do nominate by clicking here or the big grey button up there on the right. All categories are on the same page, so you just scroll until you find the relevant ones and fill in the details. The email for this blog is amowriting [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks a mil for reading and commenting etc – I really appreciate it folks;
and all the best to Irish bloggers everywhere 🙂 x

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